Create and Launch a DeFi Protocol like Aave and stake your claim in the DeFi space

Decentralized Finance and why it is imperative today

One of the DeFi protocols functioning on the Ethereum blockchain is Aave — a lending and borrowing protocol that has gained quite a lot of momentum in the DeFi space. As of now, over $2.33 billion worth of assets is locked in the protocol. Entrepreneurs and business owners who are looking for a profitable business venture in the DeFi space can brazenly enter by availing of our DeFi protocol development like Aave solutions.

Aave and the buzz around it — Decoded

How does Lending and Borrowing work in the DeFi protocol like Aave?

Borrowing on the other hand will first require the borrower to deposit collateral. This collateral amount must be higher than the number of assets being borrowed. Only then can the borrower make use of the liquidity pools and borrow in an overcollateralized or undercollateralized manner. The amount that can be borrowed depends on certain factors — the amount of liquidity available and the value deposited. The repayment of the loan will have to be with the same asset that was borrowed. Say a user borrows 1 ETH, he’ll have to pay back 1 ETH + interest. This interest rate depends on the supply and demand ratio of the borrowed asset. With the updated version of Aave, users can pay back loans using deposited collaterals. In the event of failure to pay back the loan or when the collateral value drops below the value of the borrowed assets, liquidation is initiated whereby the liquidators are rewarded.

Flash Loans — Aave’s renowned functionality

Aave Token — LEND

  • They do not get charged for taking out loans.
  • AAVE borrowers get a discount fee on collateral.
  • Borrowers who deposit AAVE as collateral can borrow an extra amount if need be.
  • Token holders also possess voting rights on governance issues.

Exceptional benefits of our Aave like DeFi Lending Protocol

  • Ability to take out flash loans
  • Interest rate switching
  • A wide range of DeFi collateral types — DAI, ETH, BAT, LINK, MANA, MKR, SNX, USDT, USDC, TUSD, USDT, sUSD, BUSD, KNC, LINK,wBTC, ZRX, and LEND.
  • Use of deposited collaterals to pay back loans
  • Highly secure platform for lending and borrowing
  • Immediate settlement of transactions
  • A very reasonable source of investment for lenders

Create and Launch a DeFi Protocol like Aave with Brugu!



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