Fintech Apps for Startups with Innovative Concepts in 2021–22

1. P2P Money Transfer App

  • Transactions requiring a one-time password (OTP) or a unique ID
  • History of transactions
  • Money is sent and received
  • Bills and invoices to pay/split
  • Account information and balance check
  • Notifications and alerts in real-time
  • Chat service is available

2. Investment and Trading Application

  • An in-depth look at the stock market.
  • Stocks, mutual funds, currency, and cryptocurrencies are all available for purchase and sale.
  • Notifications and alerts in real-time

3. Digital Banking Applications

4. Insurance Applications

5. Personal Finance Apps or Money-Saving Applications

  • Organize Your Finances & Monthly Budget Effortlessly
  • Manage your finances safely
  • Aids in the Making of Sound Financial Decisions

6. Crypto Exchange Platform

7. BlockChain Wallet Apps




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