The Reason Why Everyone Is Obsessing about DeFi Crowdfunding

DeFi Crowdfunding Platform Development Services

Crowdfunding adds flexibility and democracy to the funding process. This is why it became mainstream in 1997 and has been thriving as an industry ever since. Business projects will collect a small sum of money from a group of individuals using crowdfunding. Crowdfunding has been a popular method for entrepreneurs to raise funds. Learn bond, an economy website has collected some data that seems to be very promising. Learn bond has predicted that the value of crowdfunding transactions will increase by 12 percent annually over the next two years based on the results. At this pace, global crowdfunding transaction volume will reach $11.98 billion by 2023.

How Does Crowdfunding Work?

There exist many types of crowdfunding models, however, a couple of them are very popular:

· Reward-based crowdfunding

· Equity-based crowdfunding

· Donation-based crowdfunding

· Peer-to-Peer crowdfunding

These models make crowdfunding effective and it offers the following advantages to the participants:

· Marketing is made easy

· More revenue generation and lesser risk

· Product validation

Big Challenges of the industry | Can DeFi solve them?

Just about half of all crowdfunding projects meet their fundraising targets. This is due to concerns such as confidence, organizational efficiencies, incentive delivery, and other issues that affect the industry.

Trust issues

Crowdfunding involving crowd funders is on the rise. As a result, confidence has become a major stumbling block in the industry’s growth. In practice, not getting enough legitimacy for a new crowdfunding site might be a major obstacle.

No one would be willing to invest money in a project if they didn’t have faith in the platform.

DeFi powered infrastructure can earn you trust and credibility

Blockchain technology is used to build the DeFi crowdfunding development services. The decentralized crowdfunding site, unlike conventional crowdfunding platforms, is run by a network of distributed computers. As a result, blockchain renders it almost difficult for a developer to alter or corrupt the platform’s data and documents. As a result, the DeFi crowdfunding platform growth approach aids in the development of trust between the platform and the backers.

Accounting Issues

The accounting standards for funds collected by crowdfunding are somewhat ambiguous. As a result, the buyers are unsure about how they will be compensated and when their capital investment will be returned. Despite the fact that crowdfunding offers a large profit potential, investors are hesitant to participate.

DeFi powered infrastructure to solve accounting issues

Smart contracts can be used to handle accounts on DeFi sites. In essence, the donor and the crowdfunding site sign a deal. After that, the contract is turned into a smart contract. As a result, the investor should be assured that the contract terms can not be altered at the platform’s discretion. Smart contracts would also simplify the payment of rewards. This will raise confidence even further.


A crowdfunding platform’s organizational performance is critical to its sustainability. An investor is still curious about how his funds are going through the system and how they are being used. Maintaining integrity on a conventional crowdfunding website is difficult because it necessitates a lot of manual monitoring and documentation. Not just that, but this kind of monitoring is vulnerable to tampering.

DeFi infrastructure for transparency

Blockchain technology is used in the growth of the DeFi crowdfunding website. In essence, blockchain is a decentralized ledger that allows us to see how funds are flowing, but no one can alter the documents or redirect the funds. To date, no technology has been able to reach this degree of organizational transparency, but blockchain can.

Summary of Benefits of DeFi for crowdfunding

A DeFi powered crowdfunding platform addresses most of the challenges posed by a centralized crowdfunding platform. Apart from that, a DeFi platform can help platform operators offer the following benefits to the investors:

• Low risk to their capital investments

• Access to how the capital is being utilized

• Aid in transparent marketing for trust-building

To wrap

The introduction of DeFi in crowdfunding marks a new era in crowdfunding. As blockchain technology promises to democratize capital, investors can be more confident about their investments. Thus, blockchain disruption is much required in the crowdfunding industry.

If you are planning to build your DeFi crowdfunding platform, Brugu can help. We offer customized blockchain development solutions to develop and deliver high-performance DeFi platforms that help businesses disrupt the market.

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