After numerous years within the crypto market, there are new innovative protocols that are driving an enormous interest. The Protocols that are hitting the crypto markets are none aside from DeFi Protocols. Decentralized Finance has shifted the planet of crypto to subsequent levels in 2021 and this term DeFi became the best buzzword among all folks.

Crypto World after DeFi — what’s next after DeFi?

As we are all at the top of 2020 and have deep driven by the concept of Decentralized Finance, there rolls a question in each of our minds that What would be subsequent big thing within the cryptocurrency globe that might replace the spread of DeFi and lift the crypto industry to the subsequent level?

From the recent survey, experts conclude that the potential to compete with DeFi and to bring a boom within the cryptocurrency world lies with “NFT — Non Fungible Tokens”.

If you’re the one who continuously updates yourself with the flow of cryptocurrency waves, you want to be knowing the effect of NFTs in recent days and can have a belief that these NFTs alongside DeFi can create an enormous impact within the upcoming years.

NFT — Next Booming think about 2021

The next booming thing about this digital economy would be the use of Non Fungible Tokens by the greater mass within the year 2021. Already the utilization of NFTs has increased in a constant manner and surely this may be the booming factor that pushes the crypto lovers as an entire.

What is NFT?

NFT — Tokenized Version of Digital/Real-world Assets.

A Non-Fungible Token or NFT may be a special quiet cryptographic token that represents any unique asset. These NFTs operate as verifiable proofs of authenticity and ownership inside the blockchain network. The NFTs aren’t interchangeable which introduces scarcity within the digital world of assets.

NFTs are the building blocks of a blockchain-powered or distributed ledger-powered world. These NFTs find application in several digital items and processes like crypto gaming. The notable and first use-case of NFTs within the crypto-collectible card gaming.

What is Fungibility?

The term Fungibility refers to the equal value among the assets. It implies the proper to exchange a product or assets with other products or assets of an equivalent kind. These Fungible assets simplify the method of trade and exchange of assets.

Thus any two objects are equivalent in design and their individual units are often replaced mutually as Fungibility.

Major Use-cases of NFTs

Let us deeply check out the highest use-cases of non-fungible tokens within the digital economy.


The most and popular use-cases of Non-fungible tokens is Gaming. Blockchain gaming allows players to securely trade assets and offer a layer of authenticity and verifiability to all or any of the players.

NFTs provide a compelling solution for all digital ownership of game items and allows users to get real-time revenue by utilizing their gaming skills.

Users have the thanks to deciding the direction of future developments within the games. These give the chance to style their own virtual world & operate in verifiable gaming marketplaces.


With NFTs, anyone can purchase a creation and showcase it by knowing the complete history of the assets. For eg: Artist details, date of origins, previous ownership, the value of assets, and a lot more.

Artists will receive a much bigger payment for his or her artwork with the elimination of third-party fees and with P2P payments.


These NFTs hold unique information on a few particular assets, which makes them better use-cases for identification, licenses, qualifications, and certifications that are registered on any blockchain network. Nonfungible tokens would be so useful in controlling data like medical records, personal profiles, education, address, and everyone other digital details.

Media & Entertainment

The media and show business is facing fraudulence in a massive way. With the involvement of blockchain technology, the prevention of copying the files within the media and entertainment is formed easily.

Real Estate

The most improving sector during this digital economy island. during this real-world, the assets within the land are tokenized on the blockchain. this enables smooth transactions which eliminate the third-party intermediaries and also prevent conflicts in ownership.

NFTs and thus with the adoption of blockchain technology, there’ll always be a booming digital world that’s powered by DeFi and NFTs.

Wrapping Up

Since the adoption of NFTs is bigger in gaming and it’ll be increased altogether in other use-cases soon within the future with the entire adoption of blockchain technology. The advantages of blockchain, NFTs, DeFi, and everyone other crypto innovations brought in gaming and other industries are huge and immeasurable. Thus, permit us to hope for a far better economy with the entire adoption of NFTs within the nearer future.

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